Moving in 5 Simple Steps

Here are the 5 Simple Steps to get you Moving


Find A New Home

before you begin the moving process it is necessary that you have a new home to move into.  You can scour Zillow or Trulia and you can also find yourself a knowledgeable agent to help you find the perfect home.  But it comes down to doing a whole lotta work and eventually you’ll find the perfect place!


Put Your Current Home on the Market

Before you move your former residence needs to be dealt with.  If you live in an apartment put in your notification and follow the leasing terms so you get back your security deposit.  Once this is taken care of you can really set your heart on moving!


Change Personal Information

This is essential and this includes your insurance, electric bill, credit card information, license, mail forwarding, any other memberships, etc.  This is not an easy task.  Go through your monthly expenses and create a list that is thorough so you don’t miss something.


Pack Your Belongings

This process includes getting packing supplies such as boxes.  You can visit the Home Depot or Lowes or even ask people for free boxes at a local store.  You will be surprised how much people are willing to help!


Find Someone to Help You Move

This could be a moving company such as a reputable home moving service or a friend.  Whoever it is, they must have a vehicle that can fit your belongings.  They also need to be able to move your items and furniture from your old home into your new home.


Last but not least- and this is not one of the numbered items- get yourself all moved in and enjoy your new place!  There is nothing better than a nap in a comfy bed in your new home once you are all settled.  So rest, relax and enjoy!



Moove Tips

If you would like some moving tips for your upcoming relocation, excellent.  We here at Moov-Fest really want to help.  There are so many resources we can introduce you to for your upcoming move.

For moving supplies, an excellent place to go that has it all is Home Depot .  Home Depot is full of things you may find useful for your upcoming move.  From moving boxes to tape, they have it all!

Another great idea for moving supplies (particularly boxes), is the free section of Craigslist.  Check out your local craigslist site and you will be surprised the free items you can find.

Are You Moov-ing?

Moving nowadays is a very tedious task.  Along with moving comes the stress in preparation as well as the responsibility of cost and budget concerns.  Many people move from one state to another every year in the United States.  According to the United States Census Bureau move rates are at an all time record low.  Even though the move rate has decreased, millions of people move every year.  The only difference is that moving prices are at an all time high to compensate for the lower number of annual moves.

Choosing a mover can also be a huge predicament.  There are so many moving companies, and allowing people in your home and to handle your belongings should not be taken lightly.  It is important to do the proper research before choosing a moving company.  Confirm that they are licensed and accredited and be sure to look into the moving companies background.

Although there are many choices, there are many reputable services you can consult with to choose your mover.  Getting a referral from someone you trust is also a very good idea.  We here at Moov-Fest are happy to aid you in your journey to your new home.  We look forward to all we can provide you with to assist you with your relocation.